お礼と思い  Contemplation and Gratitude

- 初の個展を終わって - After the first exhibition


  I thank all of you very much, for visiting my first individual exhibition. It delighted me very much for seeing you all, especially those of you whom I was not able to see for more than 20 years. It was encouraging to learn that many of you are active in your own fields too. I realized how much I had been supported by many of you in one way or another. I am always filled with happiness and gratitude whenever I reflect on receiving your visits and talking to you during the exhibition.


  On the other hand, I came to realize that I need to do more to improve myself in the future. I was awaken to the fact that it was not the shapes and the complexity of my works that impressed the viewers, it was the way I expressed myself in them. From talking to many of you, I learned that I needed to elaborate and to deepen my expressions in the future. At the moment, while I feel grateful in having the fortune of being encouraged by your discerning viewings, I am not undisturbed by the great challenge behind your expectations.


  As I started pottery in my 40’s and 20 years have since passed and I am in my 60’s. In my teens, I dreamed to become an artist who can express herself, although my parents never approved of such dreams. Probably it is because they saw many pains of living in women who lost their husbands and families in the war. They expected me to stand on my own feet. I followed their instruction, and I was busy in studying and serving my apprenticeship in my 20’s and 30’s. Although my parents and colleagues helped us a lot, still we were very busy in working and rearing three boys day and night. 

  I came to realize that it was not only me but many colleagues and other women had the same worries of life. I thought it was useless to worry about, but it would be far better to accept the worries of life. I was able to accept myself as a woman, a mother and a wife. After I accepted myself, my grandmother and my mother passed away one after another. I told myself that the to leave would come sooner or later, and that therefore there was no time to worry. I decided to do what I like to do. I chose pottery, joined the pottery class, and I have been playing clay since then. 


  I was afraid of having my own exhibition, because I thought I might violate artists. It was a turning point to change my mind that I was proposed to show my works at the exhibition “JR Tower Art Planets 2017, play, compose and fire, new era in northern pottery, at Planis hall in Sapporo station building”. At the opening party, I asked professional artists whether I was violating their sanctuary. They kindly encouraged me to join in and to have my own exhibitions.






  After I decided to have the exhibition myself, I reviewed my works for 20 years. Main themes are:

“Life in the sea” series, which treat “be born, reproduction, fertility and squirm”

“Geometric structure” series, which treat “enclosing wildness, shaping, embracing and calming”

and “Hiroshima” series, which in my starting point, and where grew up “my uncle was killed by the bomb at 14 years of age, the second aunt suffered from pre-leukemic state for more than 10 years, seven rivers irrigating the city, crabs and shells were nourished by the hundreds of the dead floated and decayed in the rivers, and I am afraid of the existence of more than thousand of nuclear weapons on earth”

  These 3 themes each correspond to “life (dynamics)” , “peace (stillness)” and “death (destruction)” respectively. When I review my works again, I doubt whether they were able to express what I meant. Here again, the words “elaborate more” from the teachers and the mentor echo in me.



  I chose to exhibit the works from the geometric series, which I felt less invasive and guarding myself. I reflect now those works were still very crude. I decided to prepare the next exhibition with my best endeavor. The theme of the next will be “life in the sea”. Until the opening day, I will do my best on every duty.

   Thank you very much for visiting me at the exhibition. Your visits encouraged me a lot. I would like to say many thanks to the colleagues in my pottery class and the teachers who are always generous and broad minded. Please support me hereafter as well.

  • この文章をしたためた後、6日未明にひどい地震に襲われました。どなたもご無事でしょうか?幸い私も家族も変わりなく過ごしています。また来年も元気でお会いすることができますように!!
  • I am wondering whether everybody is safe and well, after the big earthquake at dawn on the 6th of September. I wrote this letter last night. We, I and the families are all right and living as usual. I wish all of you are well and being able to see you all next year. 

2018年9月6日  6th of September, 2018                 

                                 福山 桂子 Keiko Fukuyama

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